7 Steps to Boost Your Confidence

Being ME!

Growing up over the years I think many of us have suffered with a bit of low self-esteem and self-confidence. I know I certainly have, and still do to this day. I personally think over the last few years there has been a complete divide in being encouraged to be yourself, but also feeling like you need to be that Instagram model, who goes to the gym every day and never eats chocolate or anything containing sugar. Growing up with these kind of conflictions leaves us all feeling very confused.

However, I have picked up on a few little considerations that have helped me along the way. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always allow us the time to take a moment, to calm ourselves and try and muster up some courage and confidence, so I’ve learnt to practise a few little helpful mind-sets. Along the way I have realised I am happiest and most confident when I am being me:

  1. Don’t let failure knock you back – When something doesn’t quite go your way it’s so easy to quit. But where does that really get us? All it does is make us feel defeated and a bit worthless, sat on the sofa drowning our sorrows in a tub of ice cream. So why not instead have another go, take another shot. It’s very rare that things work out perfectly for you in life, we need to work hard to get where we want to go. Especially if you’re overly ambitious as I have been brought up to be. Get rid of the negative voices in your head and remember why you started. So you didn’t get the job, or that promotion, other opportunities come up, so don’t miss out!7 steps to boost your confidence

  2. Be prepared – I now find it pretty easy to be thrown into any situation and be able to talk and discuss something relevant. But I used to be extremely shy and struggle with this. A way around this for me was to be prepared, show an interest and research into things. Having extra knowledge is never a bad thing, especially if your brain is a sponge for stupid facts like mine is, so just go for it! Eventually these situations will become easier for you. Don’t set yourself up to fail.

  3. Lists – I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again lists are my saving grace. Any time I feel nervous or anxious I take time out to write things down to try and wrap my head around everything.

  4. Talk, talk, talk – I don’t mean babble random crap out in an interview, but if you’re nervous talk to the people closest to you. Whenever I feel nervous about something coming up, I will speak to my family or boyfriend or send them a quick text for some reassurance. Remember other people are likely to have been in similar situations to you. Speak to them, see what they have to say and I’m sure you will feel a whole lot better for it.

  5. Embrace your flaws – Nobody is perfect. Nobody. One of the things in life that hold us back the most is our inner self-critic. The thing is these flaws you see as so damning, are probably nowhere near as bad as you think. We are our own worst critics after all. So you have a bump on your nose, or small boobs, that doesn’t change who you are and certainly shouldn’t change your personality. Let your uniqueness shine through, we are all different and should start embracing that. Stop apologising for your flaws.

  6. Do things that make you happy- Now sometime life throws things at you that aren’t always your personal ideal. But one of the easiest ways to feel comfortable in a situation is to cut out the stuff that makes you feel rubbish and try your best to focus on those things that make you happiest. Surronding myself with my friends, boyfriend, family and lots of dogs, always makes me feel happy and calm. Which in turn helps me to prepare for any scary situations that might knock my confidence.

  7. Acceptance – Learn to accept yourself, the way that you are and your personality. Once you are able to do this all of your problems will start to fall away. Obviously this is easier said than done but following these steps should really help. There are always going to be judgemental, mean people out there so to hell with it! If they don’t like you for you then their opinion probably is relevant.7 steps to boost your confidence

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