Growing Up and Getting a Job…

It’s official! I’ve finish uni! I’m still waiting for my grades and to graduate, but my last lecture was in January and I handed in my dissertation in the start of May. It’s quite scary really, it makes me feel like a proper adult. So surreal! 

To add to that feeling of growing up I’ve only gone and got myself a proper job. My dream job to make it even more amazing! I’ve managed to land myself the role of Digital Brand Marketing Assistant at Dorothy Perkins. So I’m now working up in central London, just off of Oxford Street. I cannot explain to you how amazing it feels to have a job before even having handed you dissertation is, although not to mention scary and just a bit stressful! I really couldn’t have asked for more…although winning the lottery would always be nice!

Zara top, Topshop Jeans, Gucci Marmont Bag, Topshop Shoes, Primark Glasses

For those of you who can’t make any sense of my job title…don’t worry no one else can either. I basically work to promote Dorothy Perkins through the use of Social Media, bloggers and influencers. Which feels somewhat ironic talking about it on a blog.

It’s all been a bit of a crazy, wonderful whirlwind, but I am now beginning to feel that my feet are touching the ground once again. The role is not only teaching me skills on how to work within the role, but also just general life, organisation, etc.  I’ve been working here for almost a month now and am really loving it so far.

 I am semi joking about growing up, because other than a tighter routine nothing has majorly changed. I think everyone feels there should be some real shift and all of a sudden everything makes sense. But let’s all face it none of us really know it all! It’s like that silly thing people do on your birthday, “how does it feel to be (insert your age here) now?” Exactly the same…. 

GUCCI Marmont outfit close up

I’ve taken the plunge and decided to commute from Sussex to London and will continue to do so. I love London but at the moment my life, everything outside of work is in Sussex. And to be honest It really don’t mind getting the train, most of the time I just fall asleep and catch a few extra winks!

 But what more can I say other than I feel ultra-lucky to be where I am already and am loving every second!

Top | Zara

Jeans & Shoes | Topshop

Bag | Gucci

Sunglasses |Primark


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