Sports Luxe…Still?!

'Sports Luxe. The trend that is still alive and kicking.' I personally am still obsessed with the 'Sports Luxe' trend, that seems to have been going on for just about forever now. I mean who wouldn't love a trend that makes it acceptable to wear your (stupidly overpriced) gym clothes for brunch, or a pair of tracksuit bottoms out for dinner (hello stretchy pants and eating is THE dream). The trend seems to have appeared through the desire to be more comfortable. But also through the wellness movement that the whole world seems to be undergoing. The same movement that brought us the likes of avocado, kale and quinoa also introduced us to gym leggings, joggers, and oversized sweatshirts. Clothing that may have once been associated with being slobby has undergone a strange makeover and almost is worn as a badge of honour.   Just a side note quickly, how ironic is it that clothes that were originally meant for exercise ended up becoming associated with being lazy?   Let us not forget the Yeezy effect. The latest drop is oh so reminiscent of [...]

I’m Astrid, a 21 year old student at the London College of Fashion from Sussex.
I love all things fashion, beauty and design!



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