Dec 2016

Christmas Shopping in London

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Although I have finished uni now for Christmas things haven't seemed to have slowed down whatsoever. I have just started a new job and am absolutely loving it, on top of that I have the prep for Christmas (which don't you worry I am not complaining about) and lots of revision to be getting on [...]

Sep 2016

Last Days of Summer – Greece Holiday

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It's become a yearly ritual that each year me and a group of friends plan a holiday for the summer. As we all get older and our lives get busier it becomes harder and harder to try and organise. However, we managed to squeeze  a 5 day trip to Halkidiki, Greece to make the most of the last days [...]

Jul 2016

Brighton Summer Evenings …

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One of my favourite spots to head to on a summer's evening is Brighton. Obviously we all love to be exploring or sunning ourselves in a beautiful foreign country in the summer, however, in reality it's a bit different. So whenever I get an free day or evening I love to wander round Brighton discovering [...]

Apr 2016