Holiday Blues and Facing Fears

After an amazing holiday I find it almost impossible not get into the holiday blues mindset. We landed back at Gatwick yesterday afternoon and as exciting it is to get back and see everyone I was definitely sad to be leaving Greece behind. I believe the best way to conquer this is to make sure you have little, exciting things to look forward to in your day to day life. Without this I find it very tough to get back into my normal routine and enjoy it.

Under the sea - Greece, Halkidiki

A little secret about me is I have a bit of an irrational fear of the sea. It’s silly really, it’s basically a fear of the big and unknown and has grown stronger as I have gotten older. So each year when I go on holiday and have the chance I try and face my fear and swim in the sea. I really do think this helps and each time it gets a bit easier. I feel like it really is starting to disappear now which I am so pleased with.

A few years back I actually managed to be convinced to go scuba diving in Spain, it was one of the scariest things I have ever done but I managed it…even if I did have a panic attack when I first got into the sea. I am a firm believer in facing up to things, especially the things that scare us. There are so many holidays I want to go on in the future and I’m determined to leave my fear behind and not let it hold me back.


My bikini is from Missguided:


Round sunglasses: Primark

Rose Gold: Similar


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