Jan 2018

2018. New Year, New Me and All That Bull****!

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Brace yourself, it’s a bit of a long one… 2017, you have been an absolute rollercoaster ride! Whilst you hold memories that will last a lifetime, graduating LCF (thank god!) and then having a job lined up before I had even managed to hand in my dissertation, are just a few to mention. You also [...]

Aug 2017

Nobody’s Perfect – Why You Should Stop Following “#inspo” Accounts

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Nobody is perfect. Stop trying to be. As much as I love Instagram, and I mean really love, my whole job is basically centred around the platform! I do think that it can promote some negative self-reflection for us all. The constant #inspo images of beautiful girls, on beautiful holidays, carrying that beautiful dream bag, [...]

Jul 2017

Yet Another Trip to Hospital!

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Hands up who ended up in A&E again?! Oh yes, that would be me! Yep, you heard that right, I ended up in A&E yet again. I think I'll have a standing reservation soon enough! So this time it was my back. Funnily enough it was at the gym, you know the place where you [...]

Jun 2017

Take a Deep Breath – My 5 Tips for Dealing with Stress

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Starting my new job has been amazing and I feel so fortunate to have a job that I love already. But it has been a rather big life adjustment for me to process (not that I’m complaining!) and it hasn’t been without it’s stresses. I am not going to lie I get stressed out VERY [...]

May 2017

Growing Up and Getting a Job…

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It’s official! I’ve finish uni! I’m still waiting for my grades and to graduate, but my last lecture was in January and I handed in my dissertation in the start of May. It’s quite scary really, it makes me feel like a proper adult. So surreal!  To add to that feeling of growing up I’ve [...]

Dec 2016

Christmas Shopping in London

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Although I have finished uni now for Christmas things haven't seemed to have slowed down whatsoever. I have just started a new job and am absolutely loving it, on top of that I have the prep for Christmas (which don't you worry I am not complaining about) and lots of revision to be getting on [...]

Nov 2016

7 Steps to Boost Your Confidence

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Being ME! Growing up over the years I think many of us have suffered with a bit of low self-esteem and self-confidence. I know I certainly have, and still do to this day. I personally think over the last few years there has been a complete divide in being encouraged to be yourself, but also feeling [...]

Busy Schedules and My Final Year at London College of Fashion

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Being in my final year at London College of Fashion is really starting to take its toll. Not only has the workload increased, deadlines have gotten shorter and the emphasis on doing well is at it's highest. I have have the scary thought of writing my dissertation looming overhead. For me only the work done [...]

Shooting on an iPhone 7 Plus, Culotte Fashion, Christmas and Autumn Saving

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With Christmas looming I am getting more and more into the festive mood. There is no denying that I love Christmas, I love absolutely everything about it. To the point where I am probably a bit annoying, but I just can't help it. However, with Christmas in mind I have slowly started trying to be [...]