Shooting on an iPhone 7 Plus, Culotte Fashion, Christmas and Autumn Saving

With Christmas looming I am getting more and more into the festive mood. There is no denying that I love Christmas, I love absolutely everything about it. To the point where I am probably a bit annoying, but I just can’t help it. However, with Christmas in mind I have slowly started trying to be sensible with my money and slowly in dribs and drabs buying everyone’s Christmas presents.  For me the most important part of Christmas is getting into the festive spirit and spending time surrounded by those you love the most. One of the other things I enjoy at Christmas time is giving gifts. Receiving them is great, but I can’t help but revel in buying someone a gift you know they’ll love and watching them open it. Getting a gift right for someone is such a priceless feeling, well it is for me anyways.

Culotte Fashion, Christmas and Autumn Saving

As much as I love Christmas the decorations are still firmly in their boxes as I think it’s just a bit too soon yet. However I have cracked open a beautiful Gingerbread candle that was just £7 from Next. The bonus of it being that it comes in beautiful, mirrored, copper packaging which I’m a sucker for, and has a cute snowflake hanging off of it. Slowly Christmas is moving into the home and I am starting to even wrap some of the gifts I’ve bought.

Being a student, saving isn’t the easiest of things! So when Christmas comes around it’s time to be sensible and start cutting back on spending. This is where I found this bargain of a jumpsuit! Just £10! I’m sorry but who doesn’t love a great saving like that, especially with Christmas just around the corner.

Culotte Fashion, Christmas and Autumn Saving

As I’ve talked about in previous posts I have a new found love for Culottes. At first I stayed well away because I’m short and therefore automatically assumed they were a no go for me. But after a bit of digging I have found a few pairs that I feel suit my shape. I especially love this new purchase as it goes perfectly with all the autumnal colours and tones we are seeing at the moment. It also goes great with heels or trainers so can be warn for pretty much every occasion, I’ve worn it for a night out with friends and also a casual day wondering around the shops. I am really feeling it paired up with my MAC Sin lipstick too, it’s definetely giving off autumnal/wintery vibes. I want to get as much use out of all the culottes I’ve bought over the last 6 months, as the weather gets colder I’m sure I will be grabbing for them less and less. No one wants to be standing at the train station with chilly ankles after all!

All images where shot with Harry’s new iPhone 7 Plus which I am very jealous of!

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