Nobody’s Perfect – Why You Should Stop Following “#inspo” Accounts

Nobody is perfect. Stop trying to be.

As much as I love Instagram, and I mean really love, my whole job is basically centred around the platform! I do think that it can promote some negative self-reflection for us all. The constant #inspo images of beautiful girls, on beautiful holidays, carrying that beautiful dream bag, that you’ve been lusting after for forever and a day, can just genuinely make you feel a bit down. We’ve all been there. Cue the thoughts…”Why can’t I live that life?”, “Why can’t I afford those nice things?”, “How come she can eat all that fattening food and still be skinny?!”.

After spending quite a bit of time comparing myself to others on social media, I’ve realised that sometimes we have to shake a bit of sense into ourselves and realise we need to stop measuring our self worth against others, it will only get you down. It happens all the time, you’re scrolling through the endless images on your feed, and then you hit one, that girl, that has your dream bod, whilst seems to only be eating deep fried heaven all the time.

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It’s so easy to focus on our own negatives, what they have and what you don’t, when really I’m sure you have plenty to be smiling about. We are all on different paths, that is NOT a bad thing people. As long as you’re working towards your goal I assure you it will all be okay. I know I am 100% guilty of forgetting about this 99% of the time. I certainly feel as if there is a constant pressure of trying to compete with the images portrayed online, when even I myself know I shouldn’t.

Let’s face it we all choose the our best selves when posting online, so remember everyone else is too. You are not seeing the whole picture. Over the last few years this has been discussed A LOT online and in the news! Many influencers admit to this, that their social media is their best self. So please remember that.

My tip is remember social media is meant to be a social, happy place. It should be filled with images and thoughts that make you happy on a day to day basis. It is your place to curate what you want to see.  So if something makes you feel crappy about yourself, unfollow. Simple as that. It is not mean to that individual but instead a protection of yourself. It will put an end to the constant comparison and scrutiny you put yourself under.

In all seriousness who want to be comparing theirselves to someone everyday that makes you hate yourself. I’m sure with a bit of reflection your life is pretty great. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t follow people with amazing lifestyles and gorgeous bodies, as long as they inspire you and instead make you strive to improve yourself. But as soon as you find yourself beating yourself up, unfollow.

I hope this little piece of mind has sparked something inspiring in yours. I am all for the promotion of self preservation. We all need to admit that we need to look after out mental wellbeing and unfortunately the space we have created online can sometime jeopardise this.

So go forth and do you!


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