Luxury For Less

It’s probably guaranteed that you’ll find me styling up any outfit with my beloved Gucci Marmont, my pride and joy, however there are a few exceptions. This new find is definitely one of them, a touch of luxury without the hefty price tag.

Now let’s be honest as much as we’d all love to have a shelf full of our favourite designer pieces’, chances are that money doesn’t stretch that far. I will be the first to admit that any of my designer pieces that haven’t been a gift, have required hard work and plenty of savings. That’s why I like to keep my eye out for budget pieces with a luxury feel them, whether it be clothing, shoes or accessories.

As much as I love Instagram, and I mean really love (my whole job is basically centred around the platform!), I do think that it can promote some negative self-reflection for us all. The constant #inspo images of beautiful girls, on beautiful holidays, carrying that beautiful dream bag, that you’ve been lusting after for forever and a day, can just genuinely make you feel a bit down. Cue the thoughts…”Why can’t I live that life?”, “Why can’t I afford those nice things?”. Sometimes we have to shake a bit of sense into ourselves and realise we need to stop comparing ourselves to others, it will only get you down. It’s so easy to focus on the negatives, what they have and what you don’t, when really I’m sure you have plenty to be smiling about. We are all on different paths, that is NOT a bad thing people. As long as you’re working towards your goal I assure you it will all be okay. I know I am 100% guilty of forgetting about this 99% of the time. I certainly feel as if there is a constant pressure of trying to compete with the images portrayed online, when even I myself know I shouldn’t.

Anyways, back on track to a little something, something, that can give you that #inspo feeling for a lot less. C’mon, a little retail therapy never hurt nobody, am I right?

I stumbled across this cute little Chloe dupe on She.In, a great website for finding the latest trends for a low price! Now I have to say that I’m not always the biggest fan of dupes, I find they can sometimes, for want of a better word cheapen the real things. However, this type of bags is a bit more of a fashion statement and I tend to like to invest in pieces that are a bit safer and are slightly more classic, that I feel won’t go out of style. Call me boring, I know! The Chloe bag although absolutely beautiful and a piece I’d love to own is something I would be a bit too scared to buy, because I’d be too worried that I wouldn’t get as much use out of it. When I spend money on a bag, I don’t like to be too precious about it, I want to get my wear out of it!

This bag is absolutely perfect for tying together an outfit and adding a bit of statement to you look. Not to mention it’s great for when all you need is your phone, purse and maybe a lipstick.

There is definitely something to say for saving up and really lusting after something. It just makes it feel that more special and deserved. But when there’s no room for that I like to look for luxury for less!





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