Birthday Celebrations

As a delayed valentines/birthday for Harry I decided to take him away for two days to London. We had been talking about it for a little while and both somehow finally managed to arrange some time off together. Our lives have been a bit of a hectic, whirlwind recently it was so lovely to get away, spend some quality time together and do some fun things.

We stayed in a little boutique hotel opposite Hyde Park called La Suite West, which was absolutely perfect for what we needed and was in a great location.

As per usual I had to come up with a plan, me my usual organised, list making self. So we managed to cram a whole lot into just 2 days. We drove up to London and started off the trip starving, so headed straight to Soft Serve Society in Box Park, Shoreditch. We had the most ridiculous freakshakes, I went for a white chocolate and matcha shake. Which even me being the world’s biggest pig couldn’t even finish.

We then headed to Central for a bit of a wander about, popped into some shops and went for cocktails. Writing this I feel that somehow our trip revolved a bit too much around food as we then went to Franco Manca in Covent Garden. I honestly think it was the best pizza I’ve ever had. I’ve been there multiple times before but oh my god it was good.

After stuffing our faces full of carbs, we ubered our way over to St Pauls. We had cocktails at Madison Roof Gardens, which had the most stunning views over London…but as the weather wasn’t exactly it’s best that day it was windy as hell! But we managed to grab a spot near an outdoor heater and cosied up under some blankets. A lovely end to our first day.

In the picture above you can see my ugly leg brace. I still have the horrid thing on from my skiing accident. I swear it ruins every outfit but unfortunately I can’t walk without. As we were traipsing round London there was no way I could be without it.

The next day Harry and I headed over to Chelsea for brunch at my favourite spot Tom’s Kitchen. Again, more food…shock! I promise I don’t eat this much rubbish on a day to day basis, to be honest this trip actually kick started me into eating healthier again. But anyways, we had a lovely brunch, I had french toast with cinnamon and apples which was so yummy, along with my standard coffee order a skinny latte.

Whilst wondering the Chelsea/South Kensington area I spotted a copper bath tub, I of course had to get a picture, I was and am still obsessed by it. When me and Harry finally scrape enough money for a deposit to buy our own place I WANT this bath tub! I love everything and anything copper at the moment. I dread to think how much it cost though. You know when a place doesn’t advertise their prices it’s going to be steep.

This was on the way to The Natural History Museum. We both hadn’t been since we were little kids, so it was nice to do something a bit different. Harry and I always seem to end up shopping when we’re in London, I think it’s far too easy when all the shops are around you. So it was nice to have something different planned. After that we got on the tube and headed out to Kew Gardens. Neither of us had been before and it was such a beautiful day it seemed like the perfect thing to be doing. The minute we stepped off of the tube Harry said “where the hell are we?!” I have to say it was hard to believe somewhere so quiet and peaceful was hidden away in London. It was absolutely beautiful, and that was just around the tube station. When we made it to the gardens it just got even more beautiful. Not to mention stinking hot, not only was the weather lovely, the indoor gardens are climate controlled to reflect that of the plant’s natural habitat. With so many of them being from tropical or at least warmer climates, it was so hot and humid.

The one disappointment for me was the fact that the giant Water Lily garden was closed. I have never seen them before and was looking forward to seeing them but unfortunately they close for the majority of  the year.

But to be honest I had the most amazing time so who am I to complain? We ended the evening off at Shake Shack in Covent Garden. We can never go to London without getting a burger. It was the perfect end to a perfect trip, enjoying great food whilst watching the sun set.



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