Luxury Styling on a Budget!

“Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand”

– Oscar de la Renta

Okay, okay so it’s not silk but c’mon some of us are on a budget! Now I am a lover of luxury pieces, but let’s face it, I definitely can’t afford to fill my entire wardrobe with them! So instead I opt for high street pieces that I feel have a bit of a luxe feel.  This Missguided playsuit works an absolute dream. Without sounding like I am bragging (it was all down to the wonderful creators at Missguided, I just hit the BUY button!) I cannot tell you the number of compliments this jumpsuit got!

Silk Missguided Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit – Missguided

Not to mention the fact that I absolutely love a jumpsuit. I think that they are so easy to wear. Especially on those early mornings when you roll out of bed and the thought of styling a pair of trousers and a top seems like far too much like hard work! (Me most mornings lets be honest!) I also just love how some jumpsuits can be styled with a pair of trainers for a casual every day look and then can be completely turned around into an evening look with just a pair of heels. 

I wore this out for my belated birthday celebrations and it was the perfect outfit for a night out (although got a bit tight after a pizza!). But I definitely think this could be styled down for an everyday look by wearing a white T under it with a pair of trainers and a leather biker jacket.

Now on to my next luxe find…maybe not my wardrobe is currently bulging with clothes and I’m trying to save. I think a sort out is in definitely in order.


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