Being Yourself

Something important I feel you establish as you grow up is the is the confidence to be yourself. Growing up I was really shy to the point where I could barely speak around men, weird I know but oh well. As I’ve gotten older and experienced more (interviews, jobs, uni, etc.) I have slowly come out of my shell and discovered my voice, even if it is a bit loud and at times overly opinionated. I’ve grown up in a very strong minded family, where we have been taught to speak our mind. I am so grateful to my parents and family for teaching me the importance of this.

Being yourself comes into every aspect of  your life, your style, your work ethic, your way of learning, the list is endless and will continue throughout your entire life. Every person is different and we should celebrate that. Technically we are all genetically different and not only that but we’ve all been brought up differently. I fear that our society is moving backwards and slowly becoming less accepting, which is a really scary concept to me. Especially in light of the news over the last few months. Every person has a voice and opinion, we just have to hope that their voice and opinion is positive…


One area I have really learnt to be myself is my style. If one day I want to get dressed up for no reason then I can and if I want to slob about in my dressing gown, then who the hell cares?! Going to London College of Fashion I see so many different styles wandering the streets of London and it’s inspiring. The one things I praise my university on is encouraging their students to be themselves and to celebrate accepting our differences. In a city like London this is so crucial. Style to me reflects who I am, my sense of self. Now this may be ever changing,  I like to follow fashion trends and they as you probably know are constantly evolving. That’s partially why I love fashion so much. But that doesn’t take away from my identity, trends are there to inspire not imitate (a concept many fashion brands struggle with!). Fashion is a complicated industry that was built on originality and individuality and there are many arguments this is no longer attainable. But to me there will always be room to be ourselves and put our own stamp on to things. I love being able to take inspo from my favourite, brands, fashion icons, bloggers and make it my own.

Different people have different hobbies, but fashion is such a major part of my identity and it has helped me in feeling comfortable in being myself. Yours may be be different it may be music or sport but that shouldn’t matter. And so what if you don’t agree with my opinion or like what I’m wearing. You may think what I’m wearing is ugly or boring but its how I felt comfortable on that day. And slowly I am learning to ignore feelings of judgement, it’s not easy but it’s a healthy mindset. I feel the world we live in is becoming very unkind and I urge you to move towards accepting not only yourself but others for who and what they are!

Being unique is a gift. Having our differences is what makes the world an interesting place. It’s saddening to think some people hide their true self.


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