Brighton Brunch and Styling Thigh High Boots

Now that the dust is beginning to settle from last weeks medical dramas today me and Harry went to the Breakfast Club in Brighton for brunch. Days off for us can sometimes be a little hectic with lots to do, so we set off pretty early to make the most of our day. I had the most incredible pancakes with berries which completely defeated me, I don’t think I want another pancake ever again…or maybe just a little while.

I really do think that making time in a relationship to get out and do something different from your normal day to day routine is one of the best and most crucial pieces of relationship advice there is. Even if it is just stuffing you face with food.

Pancakes at the Breakfast Club in Brighton

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with thigh high boots if I am being honest. Some days I love them and others they’re just not my thing. You can probably tell that I can be a bit all or nothing with clothing and pretty much just life in general. But I have come to realise what a great piece they are for Autumn! They make wearing a dress or skirt in the Autumn/Winter season so much more warmer and comfortable. I really hate the temptation to wear jeans and trousers everyday in the colder months and this style of boot is a great alternative. And as it gets even colder they can also be worn with tights and look just as good. I also love the fact I can put a pair of thick, knee high socks underneath to help keep me warm without anyone knowing. They’re a real statement shoe, however, also surprisingly wearable. I have worn mine with dresses to jeans and that’s the beauty of them. They’re on their way to becoming a major wardrobe staple for me. I’ve finally found a pair of boots that stay up from River Island, my first pair I bought would slip down my leg within a matter of steps, which was just SO frustrating. 

Me in Brighton Lanes, dress is from Missguided and boots are River Island

I am loving this silk shirt dress I recently got from Missguided. It is so easy to chuck on and pretty much goes with everything I own. I paired it last week with a new pair of rose gold adidas trainers and I think it went really well together and gave off a much more casual vibe. In contrast to that I think it would look great with a pair of heels dressed up for an evening out.

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