How to Wear Frills and Ruffles

If you hadn’t already noticed frills and ruffles are just about everywhere at the moment! They’ve been absolutely dominating the social world and I think it might be near enough impossible to scroll through an Instagram feed without this trend popping up!

Side note – Isn’t she just the cutest?!

This romantic trend is one of the key looks for this summer, adding a touch of drama and fun to any outfit. Personally I’m blaming Zara for my love of this trend (not to mention the massive hit on my bank account!). They really seem to have absolutely nailed it this season. Nearly everything I have bought from there recently has some form of ruffle or ruche to it and I’m definitely not mad!


Now lets get down to styling, I’ll admit at first I wasn’t sure how to style this look without completely loosing my silhouette and without looking too chintzy. I was a bit scared of looking like one of those toilet doilies, does anyone else remember these? But relax and remember the whole point of frills and ruffles is they add a touch of fun to an outfit, so try not to take this trend too seriously! I have very quickly learnt that a statement piece such as a ruffle skirt can very quickly style up an outfit, making it far easier to make an impact! This trend has the ability to take your look from 0 to 100 with the just a simple frill. As we all know I love easy styling, especially when you find pieces that make it look like you’ve made far more effort than you really have. So as you can imagine I am fully on board with this trend.

For me, there is definitely a slight throwback, reminiscent childhood vibe going on and I kind of love the nostalgia of it all. So whether you opt for a subtle ruffled hem or you go all out with a big frilled collars, learn to love and embrace the flounce! Don’t be scared of it, it’s far easier to put together a look then you might think. Especially as a statement piece has the ability to turn a boring ordinary outfit to something that will make you stand out in the crowd. I think that the easiest way to add ruffles into your wardrobe is to pair them with a simple slightly tailored, fitted piece. Contrast the frilliness with a bit of structure and you really can’t go wrong.

Another great take on this trend is to tone down the girliness by edging it up. Obviously frills and ruffles are very feminine, so by adding a t shirt, biker jacket or an oversized denim jacket and some trainers it definitely tones it all down. But if you are a bit anxious of jumping all in, start of small and ease yourself in with a ruffled or fluted sleeve, I promise you will not regret it!



I have included the links below to the pieces I’m wearing in this post and some of my favourite pieces on the hightstreet at the moment that haven’t made their way into my wardrobe…yet! …

Cold Shoulder Frill Sleeve Shirt Dress 

Dobby Dress

Embroidered Skirt

Frill Side Trousers

White Frill Hem Trousers 

Frill Gingham Skirt


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