Transitioning Colours

This summer I have made a concerted effort to put down my black clothing and bring as much colour into my wardrobe as possible. However, as the days are slowly getting colder, and the nights getting darker I feel it is far too easy to slip into my old and slightly boring ways.

So instead, to combat this I’ve started layering my outfits (which of course means pairing my favourite Allsaints leather jacket with pretty much everything!). I’ve also taken to evolving my style to reflect more autumnal palettes. And although it might not be time to dig out the winter coats, my summer clothes are unfortunately starting to disappear to the back of my wardrobe.

Dog graffiti

Today I headed for Brighton for the day and stumbled across graffiti that reflects my love of dogs far too closely! If you look closely there is a dog that slightly resembles Binky (my dog) about half way down on the right hand side. After this, despite the sharp and brisk winds Harry and I still managed to stop by our favourite find of the summer, Boho Gelato…even if half of it did blow into the road and on Harry. It was still very much worth it!

Whale background, brighton

As sad as I am that summer is beginning to come to a close, I am just a little bit excited for Autumn and everything that comes with it. The cosy jumpers, the autumn leaves, the crisp mornings and not to mention the excuse of needing a hot chocolate! So don’t worry it’s not all doom and gloom.

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