Monochrome Styling

I have a bit of an obsession with polo necks once the weather gets colder. I can’t help but reach for them out of my wardrobe to help keep me warm. I always feel like I’m running colder than everyone else so love to layer up to help protect me from the cold.


Another thing I’ve been wearing constantly at the moment is my new trainers I recently got. They’re copper Adidas Stan Smiths in a off white suede. If you hadn’t noticed I’m drawn to all things copper, I just can’t seem to get enough of it, especially for home decor. I feel like these trainers can be worn with almost anything and I love bringing that sport luxe styling to a more tailored look to make it more casual and everyday. These are especially great for when I’m commuting to London. I’ve taken to wearing more comfortable shoes for navigating around, especially with all the lovely train strikes at the moment.


I feel like I have been living at the doctors recently, which is honestly so rare for me. It seems to be one thing after another at the moment. But  I always find when I’m feeling a bit rubbish there is nothing better than getting ready, doing your hair and makeup and feeling good about yourself. It is sometime the last thing I want to be doing but once I’m up and ready for the day I feel so much better for it. Especially when I have work to be getting on with. The pressure from uni has really stepped up this year so despite feeling a bit run down I have made sure to keep on top of it all. And if anything I feel in a far better place than usual and am not leaving things to the last minute!


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