Happy Halloween

So growing up my family never really celebrated Halloween. Purely for the fact we lived in London and sending you kids out to knock on randomers doors isn’t the best idea. We moved away from London when I was 8 down to Sussex and I managed to have my first trick or treat experience then.

I absolutely love holidays, where there is a chance to get into the real spirit of it all. However, Halloween has never been one that I had really ever gotten involved in.  I mentioned to Harry a couple of weeks back that I had never carved a pumpkin. One day he surprised me with a pumpkin, probably as I hadn’t shut up about the fact I finally wanted to carve one!

Happy Halloween

A couple of nights a go I decided to carve it, to pop out in front of the house to get into the festivities. After cutting myself not once but twice I think I finally carved something I think is kind of presentable… a bit Jack Skellingtonish I suppose. I absolutely love The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Tonight I think me and Harry are going to sit and watch some scary films. I do love a good horror film, I tend to like more of the psychological type. I’ve recently just finished the series Hannibal which I became utterly obsessed with. It’s an adaptation of the famous Thomas Harris’ books Red Dragon and Hannibal and is about Hannibal Lecter. If you like a good psycho thriller I would highly recommend. I am praying they bring it back for a 4th series.

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