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If you know me you know I love a list. I love a routine, I love to know what I am doing and when. It drives people mad especially my boyfriend Harry. But annoyingly it’s the only way I feel like I am best utilising my time. I appreciate that sounds so utterly boring and don’t get me wrong I don’t like things to be boring, I do like spontaneity. My problem is that without some form of order in my life I can be a bit lazy and leave things till the very last minute, which when trying to juggle uni, work and a social life can be a bit tough. So I thought I would let you in a few easy steps I follow to help organise my life.

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I think the first step for bringing order into everyday life is having a plan. Now obviously you don’t need to be quite as list crazy as me. But knowing what you’re doing and when make sure that you get everything done and can also prioritise the things that are most important!


I have recently learnt to art of decluttering. I have a tendency to hoard stuff a little bit…you never know when you might need it, right? However, there is no better feeling than a nice clean, tidy space, whether that be a house, a bedroom, or your university halls. I am slowly learning that less clutter makes everything so much easier and not to mention saves me time.



Taking action is another important step in helping you to organise your life. Being proactive leaves me feeling so productive and just turns into a constant cycle of motivation. I find it so easy to make a list of things I need to do in a day but sometimes getting them done is easier said then done. I always feel great when I can tick off everything on my list and feel like I’ve really utilised my time and day.


My final tip is making sure you make a note of any plans you make. I hate double booking myself, and I’m not going to lie to you it has happened to me many times before. Whether it’s keeping a diary, using your phone or having a good old fashioned calendar, make sure you get it down and don’t forget it!


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