Body Hang Ups and the Embroided Denim Trend

Recently there has been a bit of a revival and emergence of embroidery into fashion. At first I wasn’t sure what to think, it felt a bit like 90s nostalgia. When I was growing up my mum used to love dressing me in pieces not too dissimilar.  However, one day when trawling through Topshop’s website a found quite a few pairs of embroided jeans that I liked.  But just as luck would have it there wasn’t a single pair in my size. Every time I went to check back there was nothing in my size. So I have wanted jeans like this for agesssss and when I walked into Topshop in Oxford Street the other day and my size was right at the front of the rail I just couldn’t help myself!

I have been mixing up my denim recently and instead of sticking to my norm of plain black, skinny jeans, I’ve been on the hunt for some pieces that are a bit different. Which has lead me to a pair of straight cut, slightly washed black jeans and these. I think they are such a great alternative to the standard black skinny jean and they bring a pop of colour and pattern to an otherwise very simple outfit. And of course them being Topshop jeans they’re super comfy an stretchy.


We all have them, those areas of our bodies that we aren’t so keen of, that we may obsess over. My main and biggest body hang up is my legs. I’ve always seen them as chunky and short. Unfortunately my genes play a major role in this and there is not a lot I can do, I’m pretty short and have a longer torso and therefore meaning shorter legs. They’re always the first place I gain weight, and I also build muscle in them pretty fast, which to some may seem great but to someone who already struggles with the feeling of bulkiness it’s not brilliant. So to try and combat this I am always drawn to darker colours, they just make me feel slimmer. It’s probably all just a mind trick but if it makes me feel better and more comfortable then I’ll stick by it. To be able to find a pair of black jeans that can still bring that extra pop of colour and brightness is such a good thing for me. I’m always looking for ways to spin a slightly negative situation into one much more positive.

So yes posting a close up photo of my legs my cause me a bit of discomfort but on the bright side how beautiful are these jeans!

Body Hang Ups and Embroided Denim

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